Girls can attend Girls’ Brigade when they start Pre-Primary.

Girls are split into age appropriate groups within their Companies.

  • Cadets: Pre-Primary- Year 2
  • Juniors: Year 3-5
  • Seniors: Year 6-8
  • Pioneers: Year 9+

Girls in each group work towards awards that are received at the end of each year. The awards involve girls completing achievements that focus on spiritual, educational, social and physical themes.


Each year the girls earn a badge for the activities they complete across the year. There is a blue, red and gold badge for each group. Each group earn different shape awards, their meaning is below.

  • Cadets earn stars that represent the star the Wise men followed to find Jesus.
  • Juniors earn circles which represent the GB motto of Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.
  • Seniors earn rectangles which represent serving hands.
  • Pioneers earn triangles which represent Christ is King.

These badges are sewn onto the girls sashes and are worn on a company night.

GB Award

Each Year the girls can earn an additional GB Award. This is awarded for 60% attendance over one year. If a girls joins during the year it is based on 60% of the time remaining.

Cadets learn a minimum of 4 memory verses from the Bible and Juniors learn at least 7. Seniors and Pioneers demonstrate a commitment to exploring their journey with Jesus over the year.

This award often indicates how many years a girls has been in GB and shows the commitment and involvement with their company.

Operation Reachout

Girls’ Brigade Australia encourages Companies to learn about other Girls’ Brigade Companies in other countries of the world. A special award is offered for each Fellowship.

  • Africa – Green
  • American/Caribbean – Pale Blue
  • Asia – Maroon
  • Europe – White
  • Pacific – Blue

Pioneer Pin

The Pioneer Pin is the highest Australian Award awarded at National level.

It is awarded to Pioneer who:

  • Completes the three Pioneer Achievement Awards
  • Gains one GB Award while in the Pioneer Unit
  • Completes the Preliminary Leadership Course and one Advanced Leadership Training Course.
  • 6 months “In Company” service (eg care of games equipment, help set up – clear away, birthdays card distribution, operation of audio/visual equipment.)

Successful assessment by an interview Panel. The Panel members consider a confidential report on the Applicant from her Captain and Chaplain/Minister and then assess the girl on her work done in Brigade and on her attitude to the whole of life. The interview panel then make an endorsement of her attitude, commitment and willingness to serve others.

The Application is then endorsed at both the State and National levels.

Queen's Award

The Queen’s Award is the highest International Award a girl can earn.

It is awarded to a Pioneer who:

  • Completes the Pioneer Pin
  • Gains at least three GB Awards while in the Pioneer Unit
  • Completes 6 months company, Church and voluntary service
  • Presents an oral presentation
  • 2 initiative tasks
  • Completes a personal and spiritual challenge

This award requires 2-4 years of commitment to achieve. The application is endorsed at both State and National levels.