Friends of Brigade

Friends of Brigade

Friends of Brigade (FOB)  is a group of women who are no longer involved in GB company work but still have a heart for Brigade and wish to support the leaders as they can.

Prayer Meetings are held several times each year and a financial donation is given to GB each year.

In recent years FOB have provided funding for office equipment, prepared and served afternoon tea at the national state event as well as preparing craft kits for companies, a very practical support to leaders.

Past leaders are encouraged to join FOB.  There is a $20 donation per year.

Read the Friendly Messenger January-March 2016

Interested in joining?   Read below about one of the first GB leaders.

joyce crossley


Joyce Crossley, 18, was one of the first members of the Girls’ Life Brigade when it started in her Baptist Church in Banbury, Buckinghamshire, England in 1950.

Joyce was a Lieutenant and a Sunday School Teacher. She had the job of getting uniforms for the girls and organising events.  They has one meeting per week, with outings and events held in different nearby towns.





Read about another leader Judy Pascoe – my life with GB.

Judy Pascoe

Judy Pascoe

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